Rogič plant



Installed power:

Robert Rogič

Sežana, Slovenia


Production total:
Production today:
Revenue total:
CO2 reduction:
Plant status:
Output power:

Power and energy



Solar controller

Plant combined error
Status code  

Overvoltage protection
Status code  

Power loss combined error

Plant DC power   kW
Plant AC power   kW
Plant efficiency   %

Total output energy   kWh
Output energy today   kWh

Revenue total   EUR
CO2 reduction   kg

Nominal panel power   kW
Nominal output power   kW
Serial number  
Local IP address  . . . 
Software version v . . 

Reset counter  
Operating hours   h

Scan frequency   s-1
Scan time   ms
Scan time max   ms

Local date  - - 
Local time  : : 

Insolation   W/m²
Ambient temperature   °C
Panel temperature   °C
Panel efficiency   %

Communication driver

Com error combined
Inverter status combined  
Message counter  
Messages per second  
Driver type Power-One
Nominal power   kW
Number of inverters  
String inputs per inverter  

Inverter AC power & normalized DC power



Inverter efficiency


Inverter temperature


Inverter 0

Communication error
Operation error
Power loss error

Inverter status  
Status code  
Error code  

Input voltage   V
Input current   A
Output voltage   V
Output current   A
Output frequency   Hz

Input power   kW
Output power   kW
Maximum power today   kW
Inverter efficiency   %

Output energy   kWh
Output energy today   kWh

Inverter type Power-One
Com address  
Serial number  
Operating hours   h
Inverter temperature   °C

Insulation resistance   Mohm

String 1   V,   A
String 2   V,   A
String 3   V,   A
String 4   V,   A

Inverter date  - - 
Inverter time  : : 

Other devices

Energy meter
Status code  
Readout   kWh
Circuit breaker
Status code  

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