Location & partners

Robotina d.o.o. is established 1990 in Slovenia. Together with sister company Cybrotech Ltd, it spreads over six locations and has 50+ employees, located in United Kingdom, Slovenia, Croatia and China. Together with distributors and partners, our network covers a number of countries across four continents.

Equipment & service

Main activities are industry automation, building management, and photovoltaic solar plants. We develop and produce equipment, software, and offer a range of services to our customers.

Assistance & training

We offer complete or part of PV plant project (EPC partner). Tailored supervision and control solutions. Development of interfacing for compatibility and integration of different solar power equipment (e.g.: different brands of PV string or central inverters). Trainings for operation and maintenance personnel.

Installation & maintenance

Technical support for installation, supervision and control. Run-up of the PV power plant using dedicated hardware and software tools. Regular monitoring and service checks to assure maximum output during years of exploatation. Maintenance plans and procurement of replacement parts.

Robotina d.o.o.
OIC-Hrpelje 38
SI-6240 Kozina

tel. +386 5 689 20 20
fax. +386 5 689 20 39