SPSS Brochure

Solar Power Plant Under Control, 4-page brochure, system and technology overview.

SPSS User Manual

User manual with order code, device descriptions, connection plan, setup instructions and technical data.

SPSS Presentation

PV Monitoring System, 5-page presentation, short system overview.

SPSS Benefits

PV Monitoring System, 7-page pdf, short presentation of monitoring benefits.

SPSS Calculation

Cost/benefit analisis for PV system with and without the monitoring system. MS Excel sheet, it considers construction costs, yearly income and yearly losses; and gives you predicted total income. Don't rely on default values, adjust parameters according to your location and get personalized calculation for your own system.

COM-SAN Connection

Short instructions how to install COM-SAN module into inverter. With COM-SAN module, inverter becomes the integral part of the SPSS system.


Declaration of Conformity

EC type declaration of conformity, with a list of applicable standards, directives and test reports.

LVD Report

Electronic equipment for use in power installations, electric shock, direct contact, clearance and creepage, insulation, protections, components, construction, documentation.

EMC Report

Electromagnetic compatibility, emission test (conducted and radiated emission, harmonics, fluctuations) and imunity test (electrostatic discharge, radiated field, fast transient, burst, surge, magnetic field).

Enviromental Report

Climatic environmental test, cold test, dry heat test, cyclic temperature test, damp-heat test, mechanical and vibration test.


SMB Fault Report Form

Use this form to report a malfunction of String Monitor Box.


Sun IQ Brochure

Sun IQ @ Home is a system designed to optimize consumption of energy generated from solar plant. It uses real-time production data, and controls household appliances according to user-defined schedule and priority.