Technical specifications

General info

Location Izola, Slovenia
Investor Robotina d.o.o.
Installed power 220,8 kW
Commissioning 2011-12

Solar panels 240 W, 46 x 20 array
String monitors SMB-10-F12-PN
Inverter SanRex 250 kW
Solar controller SCU-20

Panel arrangement

Panel details

Manufacturer CanadianSolar
Type CS6P-240P
Maximum power 240 W
External dimensions 163.8 x 98.2 cm
Surface 1.608516 m2
Rated efficiency 14.92 %

Cell technology poly-crystaline
Cell size 15.6 x 15.6 cm
Cell surface 243.36 cm2
Cells per panel 60 cells
Cell arrangement 6 rows x 10 columns
Connection series circuit

Open circuit voltage 37.0 V
Maximum power voltage 29.9 V
Short circuit current 8.03 A
Maximum power current 8.59 A

Panel count 920 panels
Panel arrangement 46 strings x 20 panels
String arrangement 5+10+10+10+10+10+1

Inverter details

Manufacturer Sansha electric co.
Brand name SanRex
Type PV-250K-40T-03
Nominal power 250 kW
Rated efficiency 95.4 %
Grid voltage 3 x 400 VAC
CAN controller COM-PCS


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