Technical specifications

General info

Location Zagreb, Croatia
Investor Robotina d.o.o.
Installed power 250 kW
Commissioning 2009-06

Solar panels 200 W, 60 x 20 array (simulation)
String monitors SMB-10-PN-F16 (simulation)
Inverter SanRex 250 kW (simulation)
Solar controller SCU-20 (real device)

Simulation is running on solar controller, feeding simulated data into measurements. PV panels, string monitors
and inverter are simulated. The rest of the system consist of real devices and actual software, same as real plant.

Panel details

Manufacturer Topsola Green Energy Co.
Type TSM-160M-205Wp (fictive)
Maximum power 205 W
External dimensions 158 x 80.8 cm
Surface 1.277 m2
Rated efficiency 19.5 %

Cell technology mono-crystaline
Cell size 12.5 x 12.5 cm
Cell surface 143.75 cm2
Cells per panel 72 cells
Cell arrangement 6 rows x 12 columns
Connection series circuit

Open circuit voltage 44.0 V
Maximum power voltage 35.6 V
Short circuit current 5.40 A
Maximum power current 4.92 A

Panel count 1200 panels
Panel arrangement 60 strings x 20 panels
String arrangement 6 x 10

Inverter details

Manufacturer Sansha electric co.
Brand name SanRex
Type PV-250K-40T-03
Nominal power 250 kW
Rated efficiency 95.4 %
Grid voltage 3 x 400 VAC
CAN controller COM-PCS

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