Controller settings

Operation parameters

section number (0-no sections, 1-A, 2-B, 3-C...)

inverter nominal power [kW]
nominal range of PV reference cell [W/m2]
total surface of photovoltaic panels [m2]
buy-out price for 1MWh [€]

number of string monitors (0..20)

position of PV reference cell (0..19, -1-not used)
position of ambient temperature sensor (0..19, -1-not used)
position of panel temperature sensor (0..19, -1-not used)

logo selection (0-Robotina, 1-SanRex)

Alarm parameters

acceptable string monitor internal temperature [°C]
plus/minus difference detection enable
acceptable current difference [A]
power loss detection enable
percent of average string power before power loss is detected [%]
theft detection enable

Permanent storage

EE write magic, set to 31415
EE write request
EE read request

Real-time clock

 - -   : :  solar controller
 - -   : :  inverter

write to solar controller

Communication check

push request, last roundtrip   ms